Hide and Seek with Wildlife: Part 2

As I mentioned in my earlier post, in this series, I shall share photos of wildlife to showcase the extent of their amazing camouflaging abilities. Let me take you through some more interesting examples:

Location: High altitude Plateaus of Chorla Ghats, Goa, 2009

The high altitude plateaus of Chorla Ghats are composed of laterite deposits that give them a reddish brown tinge. During the monsoons, the plateau is covered with a carpet of frogs! But you don’t see them till the point, you almost step on it and they leap! Notice the colour and texture of this frog with respect to its background.

Indirana sp. in the backdrop of the laterite rich plateaus of Chorla Ghats, 2009

Location: Ramanagar, Karnataka, 2009

Ramanagara is known for its dry rocky landscape which hosts some of the endangered Indian Vultures. However, this rocky landscape also provided excellent cover for small reptiles like this lizard. The pattern on the body of this lizard was just phenomenal.

An unidentified lizard whose skin matches the rock it is resting on, Ramanagara, 2009.

Location: Agumbe, Karnataka, 2007

Deep inside the forest, where neither light or wind could penetrate, I was walking by this bush when I saw something move. When I looked at the source of movement, I could not find anything. I continued my way ahead. On my return, I again felt the same thing. This time, I inspected the place properly and I found out that what I had discarded as a “fallen twig from the tree” was in fact a Stick Insect. Just look at the body of this insect, the posterior end and the small thorns on it- looks completely like a twig!

Here is a Stick Insect tactfully mimicking a twig, Agumbe, 2007

I shall come up with the next quiz soon! Till then, keep your eyes and ears open…

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My name is Adithi Muralidhar. I am a nature enthusiast based in Mumbai, India.

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