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I am sharing some of my published works in the area of environment, nature, wildlife and environment education here. Looking back at these, I think I may have liked to have written some of these differently. I welcome feedback, comments and thoughts on these articles.

Story Book just released!

Muralidhar, A (Author) and Abbas, B (Illustrator). (2023, January). The poopy path. India: HBCSE. (ISBN: 978-81-958054-1-9)

Recent Talks

Habitat and wildlife diversity in India, 23rd Talk under Indian Women Scientists’ Association (IWSA)’s ‘Science and Our Life’ Lecture Series, Supported by Board of Research in Nuclear Sciences, February 12, 2022.

“What’s that bird outside”, Chai and why session, TIFR, November 21, 2021.

Sustainable travel tales, Popular Lecture Series organized by Symbiosis Biodiversity Cell, Pune, March 11, 2021.


Interview with Only Green Youtube Channel, hosted by Aby. Wildlife Diversity in India | Sustainable Travel | Adithi Muralidhar | Earthly Notes (January 2023)

Meet an Educator: Adithi Muralidhar by Early Bird (November 2022) (Early Bird is an initiative by the Education and Public Engagement Programme of Nature Conservation Foundation)

Birder Profile: Adithi Muralidhar by Bird Count India (April 2022) (Bird Count India envisions a world in which data and knowledge needed to understand and conserve India’s birds are publicly available at the finest possible spatial and temporal scales)

Mid Day (February 2022)
Tourism Day: How to ditch plastic and other sustainable travel tips from Mumbaikars by Nascimento Pinto.

Women of the Wild India (November 2021)
Instagram Account featuring Indian Women who work in the space of wildlife and environment.

Mid Day (October 2021)
Cooing and Cawing: Mumbai duo create a local online repository for bird calls by Sarasvati T.

Mid Day (October 2020)
Let’s wing it by Jovita Aranha.

Pedagogical Articles/Videos

Muralidhar, A. (2022, May-June). The science in nature. Teacher Plus 20(5), 26-29.

Interview with Team Kutuhal on bird-watching and education, International Women’s Week, March 9, 2021.

Muralidhar, A. (2021, February). “While” away at the window.Teacher Plus 19(2), 46-48.

Muralidhar, A. (2019, February). A fancy for flight. Teacher Plus 17(2), 52-56.

Muralidhar, A. (2019, January). Discover, describe and draw birds: Handouts and resource list for the activity on observing birds. Teacher Plus 17(1), 52-56.

Muralidhar, A. (2018, October). Discover, describe and draw birds. Teacher Plus, 16(9), 32-35.

Muralidhar, A. & Krishnan, A. (2018, August). Why study birds? Teacher Plus 16(7), 48-50.

Book Chapters

Muralidhar, A., & Krishnan, A. (2021). Rediscover, describe, and draw birds. In B. Choksi, G. Date, A. Gupta, R. Mani and K. Subramaniam (Eds.), Exploring science and mathematics with Vigyan Pratibha Learning Units, Class 8: Teacher Version (pp. 105-136). Mumbai: HBCSE.

Muralidhar, A. (2021). Worksheets for Rediscover, describe, and draw birds. In B. Choksi, G. Date, A. Gupta, R. Mani and K. Subramaniam (Eds.), Exploring science and mathematics with Vigyan Pratibha Learning Units, Class 8: Student version (pp. 47-56). Mumbai: HBCSE.

Expository Articles

Dutta, D., & Muralidhar, A. (2021). My Octopus Teacher. Saevus Online.

Dutta, D., & Muralidhar, A. (2021). From moong to mongoose: Exploring nature in cities. Current Conservation, 14(3), 5-8. [Full issue can be downloaded here]

Muralidhar, A., & Dutta, D. (2020, November). High and dry: The gradual erosion of Ladakh’s dry toilet culture. RoundGlass Sustain.

Dutta, D., & Muralidhar, A. (2020, July). In search of a panacea: Herb collection in the Himalayas. RoundGlass Sustain.

Muralidhar, A. (2020, March). Desert National Park: The abundant life of the sand and scrubs. RoundGlass Sustain.

Muralidhar, A. (2019, August-September). दक्षिण का चेरापूंजी: अगुम्बे. Cycle 2(3), 10-13. [Cycle is bimonthly Hindi Magazine for children 9-12 years, published by Ektara – Takshila’s Center for Children’s Literature & Art (ISSN: 2582-0133)]

Muralidhar, A. (2018, December). An urban nature refuge. Hornbill Oct-Dec 2018(4), 30-32.

Muralidhar, A. (2018, December). Meaningful ways an urbanite can contribute to wildlife conservation- Part 1 (republished). BYN@88 Newsletter, Vol 3 (2), 6.

Muralidhar, A. (2018, July). All that is left: Metal, glass and medical waste. BYN@88 Newsletter, Vol 3 (1), 4.

Muralidhar, A. (2018). What can we do with all that plastic? BYN@88 Newsletter, Vol 2 (3), 6-8.

Muralidhar, A. (2017, August). Understanding the waste hierarchy. BYN@88 Newsletter, Vol 2 (1), 1-2.

Muralidhar, A. (2018). What to do with all that paper? BYN@88 Newsletter, Vol 2 (2), 3.

Muralidhar, A. (2017, February). Addressing the elephant in the room, or rather the dumping ground outside your room. BYN@88 Newsletter, Vol 1 (3), 2.

Muralidhar, A. (2017, January 23). Children as change agents: A case study from Karnataka. The Last Wilderness Foundation website.

Muralidhar, A. (2015, September). The big story..of everything. Teacher Plus, 41-42.

Muralidhar, A. (August, 2014). Urban Reflections: Wild Walk In Anshi-Dandeli Tiger Reserve. Sanctuary Asia, p 52-55.

Muralidhar, A. (2014). Planetary Agenda, Local Action. In Scaling up Small initiatives into big achievements: Inspiring success stories and best practices for transforming India (pp. 11-13). ORF: Mumbai, India.

Muralidhar, A. (January 2014). Closer to nature: Outdoor learning. Teacher Plus, 50-53.

Muralidhar, A. (2010, June). Bravo, Way to go! Renaissance Vol. 1, Issue 6, pp1-3.

Journal Communications

Mohan, A., Muralidhar, A., & Singh, B. (2020, June). Gould’s Shortwing Heteroxenicus stellatus and Chestnut-crowned Bush Warbler Cettia major in the Great Himalayan National Park, Himachal Pradesh. Indian Birds: Journal of South Asian Ornithology 15(6), 185-187.

Mohan, A., and Muralidhar, A. (2019). Nesting of Asian Brown Flycatcher Muscicapa dauurica in Goa, India and a review of breeding records from peninsular India. Indian Birds 15(3), 90-93.

Muralidhar A. & N. Kulkarni (2018): Uncommon record of Dung Beetle (Family Scarabaeidae) feeding on Bamboo Pit Viper Trimeresurus gramineus (Shaw, 1802) from Chorla Ghats, India. J. Bombay Nat. Hist. Soc. 114.
doi: 10.17087/jbnhs/2017/v114/114151

Muralidhar, A. (2017). Traversing through wilderness: An urbanite’s reflections. Blackbuck (Special Issue 2012: First M. Krishnan Nature Writing Award) Vol 28 (1-4), pp. 7-13.

Muralidhar, A., and Barve,. S. (2013). Peculiar choice of nesting of Red-wattled Lapwing (Vanellus indicus) in an urban area in Mumbai, Maharashtra. Indian BIRDS 8 (1), 6-9.

Conference Proceedings

Muralidhar, A. (2018). Environment education at HBCSE: A review. In Proceedings of One Day Teachers’ Conference on “Moving towards a better understanding of the environment” (pp. 3- 9). Navi Mumbai: Navi Mumbai Science Foundation.

Online Articles on Websites / Blogs

Muralidhar, A. (January, 2016). Kayaking through a forest stream. Wilderhood Recitals.

Muralidhar, A. (October 2015). Living at the Camp. Wilderhood Recitals.

Muralidhar, A. (October, 2015). Ten meaningful ways in which an urbanite can contribute to wildlife conservation. The Alternative. [Link no longer active, so you can find the same article here]

Muralidhar, A. (September, 2015). Green festivals or green-washing festivals? The Alternative. [Link no longer active, so you can find the same article here]

Muralidhar, A. (March 2015). Living amidst nature. Sahyradrica.

Muralidhar, A. (January 2015). Sachin the “CYCLOGIST” visits The Camp. The Camp Blog.

Muralidhar, A. (October 2014). Where our Environment Education miserably fails! CASER Blog post.

Muralidhar, A., & Pimpalkhare, A. (October 2014). Teaching Environment & Sustainability: Solar Energy. CASER Blog Post.

Muralidhar, A. (June, 2014). The art of tackling littering. The Alternative. [Link no longer active, so you can find the same article here]

Muralidhar, A. (June, 2014). There is still hope for Planet Earth. CASER Blog Post.

Muralidhar, A. (May, 2014). 50 Days of Summer: The thirsty crow rules the bird-bath roost. The Alternative.[Link no longer active, so you can find the same article here]

Muralidhar, A. (2013, October 8). Nature in the midst of crowds: Maharashtra Nature Park. The Metrognome.

Muralidhar, A. (2013, October 7). The garden of our collective childhood- Rani Baug. The Metrognome.

Muralidhar, A. (2013, October 5). A haven for butterflies – Ovalekarwadi butterfly garden. The Metrognome.

Muralidhar, A. (2013, October 4). An office in the middle of a forest: CEC. The Metrognome.

Muralidhar, A. (2013, October 3). Seeing colours at the jetty. The Metrognome.

Muralidhar, A. (2013, October 2). Borivli’s green retreat: Sanjay Gandhi National Park. The Metrognome.

Muralidhar, A. (2013, October 1). A spot of green at Colaba: Sagar Upvan aka BPT Garden. The Metrognome.

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