The Poopy Path

I am very happy to share with all of you that our story book “The Poopy Path” is finally out! This has been a dream project for me for the last 4-5 years and it kept getting delayed for a whole lot of reasons!

This project is a small contribution to the space of nature education and attempts to get young children to appreciate wildlife and forests!

@nirmal_kulkarni_ Thank you for your unwavering support throughout these years! I have learnt a lot from you and I hope to keep learning!

Thank you to Butool Abbas @butoolabbas @drawnbybutool
You really brought my story to life with your amazing illustrations!🤩

Gratitude to Shalini Agrawal
Your meticulous inputs greatly improved the way the book read!

Thank you @hbcse.tifr for sharing this vision with me. I am most grateful! (PS: If you would like to purchase a copy for a kid you know or place bulk order purchases for some school, drop an email to publications[at]

Gratitude to Dr. Ravi Chellam who reviewed the story and provided his feedback.

Thanks to Ramnath Chandrasekhar, Hanuman Gawas, Deborah
Dutta, Uma Ramakrishnan, Sugra Chunawala, Anisha Malhotra
Dalvi, Fiona Bolger, Shubhangi Bhide for their feedback at
various stages of this project. Gratitude to Mhadei Research Centre and all the amazing people of Chorla. Thanks to HBCSE Centre Director Arnab Bhattacharya and Centre Dean Savita Ladage for their support! We acknowledge the support of the Govt. of India, Department of Atomic Energy, under Project Identification No.RTI400

Thanks to smits_bookery for introducing me to shalini! 😊

I may have not met (some of) you but I have always followed your work and you folks have inspired me in so many ways; so thank you from the bottom of my heart:
@bmenon86 @barve_like_survey @vidya.nature @sejalmehta06 @green_humour @assavri_kulkarni @earlybirdindia @abhishekagopal @harsha_lakshminarayana @ipsawonders @liana_forest_school @aratikumarrao @sea_coocoomber @arjun_srivathsa @suhelq @a_naturalist_column @fayedsouza

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My name is Adithi Muralidhar. I am a nature enthusiast based in Mumbai, India.

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