Children and their favourite monsoon activity

Whether we grew up in the village or in the city, a familiar sight to most of us during monsoons are kids spending hours trying to catch small fishes or crabs. Most of us have probably even done this.

But I will admit, I spent a greater amount of my adult life watching how kids do this fun monsoon activity. I would see young boys carrying a small box, off to gutters and puddles hoping to a get a good catch. I would watch curiously, their tactics. Else where, I would see young boys and girls on the street with a piece of cloth or plastic/ box, wading through ankle deep water trying to catch a fish or two. An hour later, I would see their triumphant faces and wide smiles.

Childrens’ favourite monsoon activity

As the years go by, I see fewer and fewer children outdoors, be it in monsoons or otherwise. I wonder if kids of today are getting to do all this fun stuff that we did as kids. I sometimes feel that these small yet significant encounters we have in our childhood have potential to create strong bonds with nature later in life.

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My name is Adithi Muralidhar. I am a nature enthusiast based in Mumbai, India.

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