Memories in turquoise waters

To be honest, I have never been much of a “beach” person. I am likely to run to the mountains every time the options are presented to me. However, some kinds of beach experiences have me slowly think otherwise. I mean, I am still a “mountains” person but I have started loving beaches too. And it is not just the “cleanliness” of the beach that wins me over. I realised there are several factors that sway me towards beaches.

Recently, we visited some beaches in South Goa. Here are some reasons why I am re-thinking my relationship with beaches!

The obvious absence of tourist-crowds in these parts probably contributed to the cleanliness of the beaches, which were stunning.

Image: Even in the peak afternoons, when tourists chose to stay indoors, a group of people were seen in scorching heat cleaning the beach.

I was asking myself, what were they even cleaning, for there was not a single plastic or paper in sight! In fact, the light-coloured sand did not even have those oily black smudges that one would typically find on the sandy shore of even a clean beach!

There were many places where the inland rivers met with the sea and these places offered narrow and shallow places where one could swim.

Image: Swimming in the narrow channels where the river met the sea (PC: Ashwin Mohan)

Gentle continental slopes coupled with clear-watered shallow inter-tidal zones offered amazing opportunities to see marine life like sea cucumbers, crabs, sea anemones, sponges, barnacles, zoanthids, and several other molluscs like Trochus, Patella, Olivia, etc.

Image: Palythoa mutuki 

Thanks to Abhishek Jamalabad for help with the ID.
Video: White thread sea cucumber
Video: Lovely patches of wooded areas lined the shores which offered nice hiking routes with picturesque scenaries. Not to mention, the occasional Sea Eagles who accompanied us as we hiked.

These undulating routes either ended at fantastic spots from where you could sit and do hours of whale watching (no luck!) OR….

Image: Amazing views of inaccessible beaches.

OR… we ended up in secret beaches like this where we were the only ones.

Image: Secret beaches

So I admit, sometimes I find myself becoming a “beach” person! 🙂

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My name is Adithi Muralidhar. I am a nature enthusiast based in Mumbai, India.

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  1. Last two images are stunning! Looks like Chennai beaches didn’t make an impact on you 🙂

    I was reminded of “wan tana mera” song – the streams of the mountains please me more than the sea


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