Interesting Entries: Global Climate Strike Writing 2019

Firstly, a big thanks to all participants from across India who participated in this writing contest. We are happy to share two interesting entries* who win the Eco-Hamper!

Congrats to Anjana Rajesh Menda and Megha Sanyal !!

Here are their entries:

It’s not unfair to say that humans are indifferent creatures. We solely care about ourselves and ignore matters that don’t directly concern us. When it floods, we blame the government instead of ourselves, who dump plastic and pollute. We are the ones responsible for climate change. The air quality is degrading and the seasons are extending over their marked time. And now, with urbanization, the reality is becoming scary. This is what climate change is to me. We need to put a check on our capitalistic tendencies. Even if one person uses a cloth bag or metal straw, it will make a difference at some point. Our greed to modernize is taking a toll on our climate. So let’s see what happens once seasons cease to exist, we’ve cut down all the trees and there is no oxygen left to breathe. But atleast we’ll have metro to travel by, right?

Anjana Rajesh Menda

I personally believe that climate change reflects the magnification of an apathetic attitude towards our eco-system. I emphasise on the magnification part because what is leading to a rapid degradation of our ecosystem is the hegemony of a lifestyle centered around mindless consumption. Such a lifestyle ignores the value of exploiting lesser amount of resources of any kind to lead one’s life and being considerate of the diversity of life on Earth. Following this understanding, I believe that all of us who belong to socio-culturally and economically privileged parts of the society, need to seriously introspect and reconsider the amount of daily resources (food, clothes, electricity, fuel) we need to lead a decent life. I believe that such a serious introspection is very intimately connected to what we truly believe about the quality of the life we want to live and the quality of human life at large.

Megha Sanyal

Once again, a BIG THANKS to all the participants who took the time and effort to pen down what ‘Climate Change’ means to them, and to participate in the #GlobalClimateStrike Writing Contest!

* All entries were blind reviewed by two judges (not me). Blind review means the judges do not know name, age, gender or any other information about the participant. Broad guidelines to evaluate the entries included: clarity, pragmatic value, creativity and factual accuracy. Language (spellings, grammar) was not a parameter.

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